Friday, March 23, 2012

Munda Wanga

We have had a busy week of getting settled into our new home.  We have bought a car, looked at houses, been shopping, etc. Today, we decided to take a break and headed to Munda Wanga.  Munda Wanga is an environmental park and includes a botanical garden and a wildlife preserve.

We saw beautiful plants

and animals.

Munda Wanga also has lions, but we did not see them.  I think they must have been sleeping in the grass as it was hot and sunny when we went by their enclosure.

I was amazed at how close we got to some of the animals.  We could put our hands into many of the cages if we wanted (we didn't, but we could have).

We had a lot of fun at Munda Wanga and are looking forward to visiting again soon!

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