Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Garden

Ok, so I must apologize.  It has been a few months since I have posted anything.  Long ago, I promised to post photos of our house soon.  I finally have some photos to share.  These are the pics that I took of the outside of our house and our garden (or "yard" for our American friends).

 Here is the view of the inside of our gate and our driveway.

This is the front of our house

and here is the back.

This photo was taken from our back door, looking left.  The pink building in the corner is the servants' quarters, where our housekeeper and her family live.

This is the view looking to the right.  The pink building is the pump house for the pool.

I know that our lapa ("gazebo") shows up in another photo, but it is one of my favorite aspects of our yard, so here is a photo.  We spend a lot of time here!  The girls and I eat outside most days and I like to sit in the nice wicker furniture and read or respond to emails while the girls play outside.

Finally, here is the side of our house and our garage.  The garage has some fun acoustics.  Once a week, we host a group of toddlers for a playgroup.  When they all come over, they love to go to the garage and shriek because the garage amplifies their sounds - imagine how loud a group of shrieking toddlers can be!

Stay posted for photos of the inside of our house.